Japan comes up with odd, surreal and imaginative commercials from time to time. We've already posted one about a girl who finds an unusual solution to making it to class on time, as well as about creating the world's fastest paper boy.

The commercial we are have lined up this time is by a lottery association. The long and short of it is that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Source: YouTube

So here's the thing. There is an old saying in Japanese - "eye drop from the second floor" - which implies that some things are just plain impossible. This commercial asks - is it true? Let's find out:

They get a pair of odd, red-masked "assistants" place a mannequin with a CCD camera attached to its eyes. If the lady manages to put an eye drop to one of mannequin's eyes, then it's a hit.

15914_10 15914_12

Source: YouTube

Don't ask us why, but a samba dancer starts dancing when an eye drop experiment is a success:


Source: YouTube

And what's the deal with the bazooka?


Source: YouTube

I guess in an information-rich place like Japan, ad creators would do anything to get people to pay attention. Well... it certainly got our attention, for better or for worse.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.