The idea of a children’s song about the ins and outs of pooping may strike you as strange, but there’s a Japanese YouTube channel that specializes in exactly that sort of thing!

Tokio Heidi is a site and web channel that produces a variety of fun media, but seems to have a sweet spot for fun and educational videos to engage kids. They range from fun songs about snacks, to more instructional ones about how to properly brush your teeth. The idea, I suppose, is to get kids enthusiastic about everyday musts at an early age. Perhaps the most interesting one, however, is one about the importance of pooping!

Before you watch the video, you might want to consider a cultural difference. In Japan (and other Asian countries), discussion about toilet and restroom occurrences don’t have such a strong taboo about them. Mentioning that you have diarrhea or constipation isn’t viewed much differently than saying you have a cough or are sneezing. While it’s obviously not the most popular topic of conversation, this cultural difference makes it rather easy for Japanese people to tackle the idea from a more fun and cutesy point of view. In a sense, it’s toilet humor without being…toilet humor! The video is still funny, however, so enjoy it! We’ll put a little translation at the end for you.

Come on out poop!

Come on out poop!

Do your best! Do your best! Brace yourself!


Spread your butt wide-open And aim at the toilet!


Did it come out?

Not yet, not yet, poo poo poo!

Did it come out?

Not yet, not yet, pee pee pee!

Did it come out?

Poo poo!

Did it come out?

Pee pee—It came!! It came!! Just like this! It’s out! It’s out!

Hello, hello, hello!

Re-re-re-refreshed! Re-re-re-refreshed!

The beginning of a wonderful day! It’s like I can fly! Like I can do anything!

All thanks to you, poop! Let’s meet again tomorrow!

Poop poop poop!

So what did you think? I feel liberated just watching it...although I'm not 100% on board with the idea of holding hands with poop, I think the idea of being healthy and regular came across somewhere in all that song and dance!

Even if that wasn't your cup of tea, I suggest taking a look at Tokio Heidi's other videos. Don't worry, they aren't bathroom themed and many of them will get stuck in your head!


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.