London-based organization Hubbub is currently engineering a plan to cut down on littering by encouraging people to use their trash in more creative ways.

According to their website, Hubbub wants to try and take “a fresh approach to communicating environmental issues, focusing on people’s passions…no more doom and gloom and lecturing…”

This philosophy is reflected in their campaign (called Neat Streets) to clean the streets, particularly Villiers Street, Westminster. Tactics such as connecting dots with chewing gum, tallying poll results with cigarette butts, and musical celebration upon properly disposing of trash are all positive spins being put on what should pretty much be commonplace behavior. Here is a closer look at what’s being done, followed by a video.

And here's a video so you can watch and listen to the clean fun that is being spread.

It may seem strange to be this elaborate about common sense and celebrate everyday behavior for some people, but this type of reaction may help us refocus on the little things we need to do to keep our surroundings cleaner.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.