A bunch of policemen tries to detain this guy, but he never seems to give up and resist from getting handcuffed.

According to Ricky Martinez, who's taken this video and posted on YouTube, believes that this guy was on a dissociative drug called PCP, which probably made the guy unable to feel much of the pain (whether it be taser gun, beatings, or pepper sprays) that police threw at him. Watch as the police struggles to detain the guy:

In the YouTube page, Ricky Martinez wrote:

After all, he was tased 3 times, maced about 4 times, hit with the baton twice, tackled to the wall, and almost had his arm broken when being detained. Throughout the whole incident, this man showed NO sign of giving up and was resisting arrest. [...] I commend the officers for stopping him before he could hurt someone and danger the public.

It goes to show again how scary drugs can be.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.