A young child’s mind pretty much works like a sponge, but maybe we should hold back on dousing it in deep philosophical quandaries.

Or maybe we should, because according to this video posted by National Geographic’s “Brain Games” host Jason Silva, the reaction is super-cute!

Silva holds a baby girl and lectures her about the complex nature of life, unleashing a salvo of psychobabble that details his amazement at a “self-organizing biological sentient mind.” The little girl looks fixated on his rant, with a bewildered face that totally screams “THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME!!”

Let’s be honest—the girl might not have the most basic clue about what is going on, and the look on her face is either a total coincidence or something close to the look you’d give if someone told you the milk you just drank expired four years ago.

However, a lot of it rings true—the wonderment that his baby feels, regardless of where it is placed, hits you when Silva says that “looking into your eyes actually feels like you’re looking into a galaxy.”

Even if the baby isn't understanding the depth of what is being said, she's at the stage of life where she is, as described, "transcending", and her lovely expression shows us just how vast and amazing the world is for a child.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.