This Thai commercial by a security camera company is so shocking and so thought provoking that it's seen by millions of people online.


Source: YouTube

The story takes place in a shopping street in Thailand. When a bookstore owner opens the shutter to his store, there lies, as always, a homeless man. The owner seems to consider the homeless as a pest, and throws a bucket full of water to the homeless. This was just the ordinary day at this street.


Source: YouTube

One morning, the owner smelt of urine - it was obvious who the culprit was - so he kicks the homeless. Although the owner's daughter questions the action taken, the shop owner stays disgruntled.


Source: YouTube

But one day, the homeless stops appearing in front of the shop. When the everyday encounter disappears, even the shop owner is somewhat confused. Seeing that, a lady from the shop next door tells him "he's long gone".


Source: YouTube

So the shop owner decides to look at the security camera footage... which leads him to tears. The reason? Check out the commercial in its entirety:

It turns out that the homeless was like a guardian of the store. The commercial ends with a line "there's much more truth that you are blind to" - indeed.

This sort of event can happen in real life - recently, a homeless man saved a woman held hostage by a gunman in Brazil (Warning: graphic content):

[VIDEO] A Brave Homeless Man Throws Himself To A Gunman To Save A Hostage

By - grape Japan editorial staff.