According to Madrid Skateboards, “Zak (Maytum) loves malt liquor, heavy metal, muscle cars, boneless ones, and winning downhill races.” While it's good to have that confirmation, I probably could have guessed most of that from watching this awesome video of him racing down this Colorado road at terrifying speed.

In his first run down this road, Zak hits speeds of 70MPH (112KPH), and you may feel yourself cringe a bit as he braves it through some tough moments, even carving up sparks from the pavement below him.

It's an impressive, albeit dangerous feat, so we're glad he got through it in one piece while making it look easy. It's probably not so popular among skaters, but maybe next time he'll work in a belt in between that malt liquor and heavy metal! Enjoy the video.

If you're wondering how the video was taken, apparently Zak's buddy tailed him (super close!) in a Mustang Cobra with a camera on the hood. So he wasn't totally alone in this wild adventure--kudos to the driver!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.