Ninja Warrior, the American spin-off of Japan's Sasuke, is a TV series where the toughest competitors in the world gather to challenge rigorous obstacle courses set up in progressively difficult stages. In many ways it reveals who really is the baddest of the bad, and who has the ultimate fighting spirit required to come out on top of such grueling trials.

But we may as well call it all off. Perhaps the ultimate competitor has been determined. He goes by the name of "Yoshi" and has a take no-prisoners attitude when it comes to smashing obstacle courses!

He apparently has a home-made obstacle course set up to practice for his dream of competing on Ninja Warrior one day, and if you watch this video, you can see that he's pretty much guaranteed a spot.

The best part? Yoshi conquered the course with an unprecedented world record of 40 seconds!

It's always great to see a young kid set his mind on a goal early in life, especially if its something that requires hard work. We're not entirely sure how serious he is about actually competing, but we wish him the best of luck and hope he can crawl under the bar with the same cute form he did here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.