It's a pretty rare occurrence, but every once in a while you'll see some misguided individual dragging a terrified cat down the street by a leash. Cats tend to be very particular and independent, so telling them to take a walk isn't usually the best idea. You don't need to tell this cat, however, because he'll take YOU on a hike!


Source: pnwcathikes


Source: pnwcathikes

Paddy seems to always wear a wide-eyed expression on his face, and maybe that's because he's always looking for his next adventure. His owners, Anna and Brian, soon found out that the cute little guy has an affinity for outdoors exploring and hiking trails. On Facebook and Instagram, the couple document the cat's adventures exploring America's Pacific Northwest. Let's take a look at what he's been up to!

As you can see, Paddy's got a take charge attitude! The leash is probably unnecessary, but it's refreshing to see a cat not make a fuss about it.

Not just the woods, but the beach too! Paddy seems to like pawing through the sand as well.

And what's better than jumping in fresh spring water after a long hike? Paddy has no problem getting wet!


Source: pnwcathikes

We wish Paddy and this lucky couple good luck and fun on all their adventures. It must be nice to not need a cat-sitter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.