Marshaling an aircraft with light sabers... wouldn't it be against the rules?

This 'nuisance' didn't seem to end here - look what the flight crew is doing:


Although they seem to be doing their work properly, what's with Princess Leia's hairstyle??

Well, you might have already seen this video about All Nippon Airways' "Star Wars" aircraft:

Well, they are actually running a campaign based on this cool aircraft. They are flying a sightseeing flight ahead of the usual scheduled service. However, in order to get yourself a free seat, you have to take a photo of yourself costumed in a Star Wars character and put it up on Twitter or Instagram.

So now a lot of people are getting on to it:


The flight, scheduled on October 17, will be a 2- to 3-hour flight, and only 39 guests will be invited.

Those invited will board the plane with a Star Wars costume - there will be some special events lined up for the flight, apparently.

Meanwhile, the planes themselves are getting readied:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.