This seemingly normal photo was posted on Facebook, which was then shared by over 20,000 Facebook users. The reason? Here's the original Facebook post, with full translated transcript:

Yesterday, I bumped into this scene.

I was really curious, so we parked our car; I asked the lady whether it was okay for me to take a photo. She obliged, so I took a photo.

I thought at first she is a breeder - so I asked her whether she is indeed a breeder.

But the lady said that she brought all these dogs from a dog shelter.

It turns out that she was saving these dogs who were due to be put to sleep. I felt quite ashamed that I wasn't thinking much when I asked to take a photo of them.

While there are many people who just ruthlessly 'dump' their pets, it is a relief to know that there are people out there who are saving the unwanted.

I have four Dachshunds as part of our family as well. Although I am not courageous enough to do what she does, this sight renewed my feeling about the responsibility of looking after my four dogs as part of my family.

I decided to post this photo so that people become aware that, somewhere in Japan, there are people out there like this lady who is saving lives of animals.

Please share, for good cause.


Many pets are euthanized unjustly around the world - and Japan is no different. Around 175,000 cats and dogs are sheltered every year in Japan; out of which, 128,000 are euthanized - a shocking 70% of them.

A sight like this is a great reminder that animals are not objects but living beings, and we must do our bit to look after them properly. While we may not be able to physically welcome so many animals to your homes, we could look for organizations that do, and donate.

Isn't that the least amount of love we can offer to these beautiful creatures?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.