Loveless and abandoned by the owner, this Chihuahua had become distrustful and frightened of people.

Although this tiny creature was saved by an animal welfare group Lovefive, rebuilding trust is difficult.

When a staff offer a hand, the dog bites. Even a stuffed toy won't interest him.


Source: YouTube

The dog is obviously frightened and see humans as a threat... One can imagine the sort of terrible life he had to suffer so far.

But the staff won't give up... And about 3 minutes into the video (below), the frightened creature - just for a moment - opens up:

It's so painful to see such a scene. And it gets even harder when one imagines so many more animals that suffer in a similar way because of the way we treat them.

I look forward to the day when people no longer harm these innocent creatures.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.