I'm sure that for many people, school years are a great time to be silly and stuff, right?

I'm sure that many teens across the world would be doing things that they will look back and regret a little about. Here are some examples we found of some Japanese school kids doing 'up to no good':

Draw some mascot characters on your exam sheet

...and he gets -2 points lol

Teacher hands out an exam with faulty print - warp effect?

So I guess it's not just the students after all...

Your 'birthday' surprise is a desk full of snacks

...and they got his birthday wrong by one day.

When your mind just goes...

...out of your mind, you mean?

Trying hard to motivate yourself to learn vocab

...are you sure you've learned all these words?

When you just couldn't hold your desire

...no comment.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.