While choosing to adopt a pet from a shelter certainly feels like a good deed to us humans, a big part of that is because of how scary things can be for those animals in their cages. As good as it may be to be off the streets, they have no idea what the future holds, and if they were rescued as a family then the threat of being separated looms over their heads.

That just may be why these two sister cats are trying to make it through the storm with the power of cuddling.

In a video posted by the Cumberland County Animal Shelter in North Carolina, we can see two five month old kittens staring wide-eyed and somewhat nervously at the camera. One cat begins to cradle the other, apparently trying to reassure her lovingly. The sister seems to collapse into the hug, longing for a happy life together outside the cage.

It's an adorable video, but also carries a concerning sense of heartbreak with it as nobody could possibly want to see these two separated. Understandably, efforts have been made using social media to try and ensure that the sisters are taken in together.

Cat Rescue Group Purfect Purbaby have put the kitty duo up for adoption, and set them up with a foster parent as well. The foster parent told The Dodo that "The girls will only be adopted together." So let's hope that holds true!

Both sisters can be seen individually below.

Finally--if by any chance you happen to live in North Carolina and are looking for two absolutely adorable cats to join your family, you can apply here.

We wish these two the best of luck in the future, and more than anything, that they find someone who can look after the two of them together!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.