When a group of fishermen off the coast of Hokkaido pulled in their nets, they couldn't have been expecting this monster to come up with them! We imagine they were just as open-jawed as the beastfish they reeled in was. With its giant maw and soulless eyes, it'd probably have no problem fitting in as the baddy in a Godzilla movie.


Source: Twitter

However, it turns out the twitter user, and fisherman posing with the behemoth, revealed the fish to actually be a Bering wolffish. Despite it's fearsome appearance, the fish actually has a diet that consists of crabs and mollusks--although it looks like it could certainly slurp up bigger prey (and as they can top off at 112cm and 15KG, maybe they should)! Twitter user @hirahiroro is actually an enthusiast for searching out the strange creatures of the world, so it comes as no surprise that he came up with this big catch in Hokkaido. The original tweets can be seen below with a translation.

"Flying over to Shiretoko twice in three moths was worth it! This is freaking sweet!"

"I've gotten people asking for more pics of the wolffish, so here's another."

It's definitely a worthy addition to his collection of encounters with the more unusual creatures of the world. With the sea being as vast, deep, and unexplored as it is, we foresee many more similar encounters to come for him!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.