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Sleeping Inside a Sand Castle? Check.

Unless you have eremikophobia (a fear of deserts/sand, duh) or have never traveled to a beach before, you’ve probably made a sand castle at least once in your life. Well now you can stay in one, at the Zand Hotel in the Netherlands:


Source: Zand Hotel

Not only do you get to sleep inside a sand castle, you also get to sleep in between them.


Source: Zand Hotel

Even the bathroom walls are covered in sand!


Source: Zand Hotel

And who could forget the fancy footboards...


Source: Zand Hotel


Source: Zand Hotel

You even get a mask (made of sand, of course) in the corner of your room.

There are actually two hotels; the Zand Hotel in OSS (Brabant) and the Zand Hotel in SNEEK (Friesland). They were built as part of a sand sculpture festival held in the two cities, which basically means that you’ll have access to even more sand sculptures apart from the hotel. In fact, all guests at the hotel get a personal tour of the festival.

For two people, the hotel asks for 150 euros a night (approximately 170 USD), which is pretty cheap. Not only that and the personal tour, but all guests will get to enjoy a reception with coffee/tea and a local delicacy, a full breakfast, and many other kindly offered services.

Although we can’t help but worry that the walls will suddenly cave in, making the entire structure implode (that’s how most sand castles meet their demise, right?), the Zand Hotel is undoubtedly one of the coolest hotels we know of. Apparently they plan on closing after the festivals in late September/early October, but will likely reopen again next year!

If you’re thinking of booking a trip to the Netherlands, why not try the Zand Hotel? Hopefully it won’t rain — while we’re sure their hotels are built to be safe and sound, we still haven’t found out what will happen if it does.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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