If you have been browsing Facebook in the past couple of hours, you would have seen many posts about the new button being introduced on Facebook.

Meanwhile in Japan, there are two major twitter hashtags that are popping up in the ranking, in reaction to the new button.

#A new button next to Like!

Since the detail about the new button is still murky, weirdly-imaginative Japanese tweeters have been posting their version of the new button:

"I understand" button

"If it's anyone, it would be you that I would kill" button

"Explode, those who's pretending to enjoy their life too much" button

The final weapon

I think it's from a Gundam series...

Doraemon's ”Dictator" button

Doraemon says: let's eliminate all obstacles, and create a better world for us.

Destruct button

"In 15 minutes the entire center will be blow up!!"

Daisuke Button

We don't really know what this button does - it's a person's name, ffs.

It's a dance music of some sort... apparently. Maybe it's something like this:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.