A record-breaking rainfall that struck northeastern part of Japan during September has been extremely damaging, with recovery efforts still underway by the Self Defense Forces and firefighters.

Amidst this situation, volunteers and charities are coming in from all over the country, vitalizing the recovery efforts. Here's a police unit carrying out a search-and-rescue operation:

And here's a member of a high school baseball coming to help out:

According to this tweet, this baseball student (who is a local) feels that he can play baseball because he gets a heart-warm cheer from his local fans, and it's his turn to do something about it.

Residents from overseas are helping out, too

There are also reports that people outside of Japan is helping out. For instance, here's a group of Sri Lankans who are dishing out food for the victims:

In the report, the acting ambassador of Sri Lanka said that Japan always helped when Sri Lanka was in trouble, including the massive tsunami in 2004.

People from Nepal are there to help too:

This guy apparently runs a Nepal restaurant, and he brought in some mild curry and some naan bread to the affected area. The tweet feed says they are was thankful that a person from Nepal, a country who only recently suffered a devastating earthquake, came to help.

The situation remains challenging, yet it is very touching that people of a wide range of backgrounds are there to help.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.