Maria Williamson (26) was sitting inside her car in Mobile, Alabama, waiting out a red light when somebody approached her vehicle and shot her in the face. Fortunately, she survived, but not without leaving a deep scar — as the bullet traveled through her nose, it damaged her right eye. Doctors could not save it, and she was rolled out of her second surgery after the attack without her right eye.

Meanwhile in the same area where Williamson was recuperating, a four-week-old puppy was taken to the Animal Rescue Foundation after being attacked by a bigger dog. The puppy was named Bear, and the attack had caused one of his eyes to pop out of its socket. Like Williamson, he too had to get his eye removed at the shelter.


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This was when the Animal Rescue Foundation set up a crowdfunding page to collect donations to cover Bear’s medical expenses. They shared his picture and his story on their Facebook page, simply hoping that they would receive a little bit of assistance from their kind patrons.


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But as if Williamson’s and Bear’s paths had been destined to converge, the post was viewed by Williamson’s boyfriend, who immediately let her know about the injured puppy at the ARF. He had thought they might be able to share a special bond due to their similar experiences, and he was certainly right.

Williamson was later quoted in the Huffington Post saying:

“I immediate thought, ‘He’s so perfect! I know his struggles and I know what he is going through. We both see life through one lens.”

Williamson adopted Bear that same day, and since then they have built a truly special relationship. She has said that she loves being able to give Bear a second chance while she heals from her own attack.


Source: YouCaring

She again told the Huffington Post:

"Like me, he is a survivor. We are not victims, we are survivors who get to share our story.”

And as for the shooters, six arrests have been made, all believed to have been a part of an attempted carjacking. She currently works as a server as she continues her recovery, and her colleagues are collectively raising money to help her pay back her medical bills.

We wish her and Bear (who is now, in fact, named Yogi) the best of luck throughout their recovery, and all the love in the world.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.