You may normally associate Japan with good customer service - perhaps sometimes too good that it feels a bit impersonal.

Well, one Japanese Twitter user (@frenemytwins) recently posted a menu from a Yakiniku restaurant, which has so far been retweeted over 39,000 times. What's written on it shows that Japanese customer service can be jovial:


Source: @frenemytwins

  • Don't turn our staff on as they'll take it seriously and won't do their jobs properly.
  • Don't ask our staff "how old are you" - we'll charge you double right there.
  • We take utmost care with our air conditioning. But if our staffs' jokes were so bad it gives you shivers, we'll provide blankets.
  • If you are pregnant, let us know - let's think about your child's name together.
  • If your food got cold, we'll reheat it for you. If your relationship is cold, we'll try and reheat that too.
  • Let us know if you are a celebrity - sorry we didn't recognize you - we'll go and get your autograph asap.
  • Don't offer drinks to our staff - EVER - they'll turn to monsters.
  • Do not give our staff some lucrative job offers - they'll take it.
  • Tell us if our food is delicious - that'll really cheer us up.

Apparently, these "words of warning" can be found in many restaurants in Japan - I wonder if there are other versions of this...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.