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[VIDEO] 3 Cool Japanese Kids Competing In The World!

Any child is unique and special, but it adds a bit of excitement when they actually do well in international competitions.

Here, we've picked up 3 kids who were elementary school students when these videos were shot. The skills they show is mesmerizing!


This is Kazuya Murata, who competed in the 2013 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships. Being a kid doesn't matter... I mean, can YOU do this??

In this event, he came 2nd in the qualification and 9th in the championship. He was only 6 then - he's got plenty of potential to become even more spectacular!


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Isamu Yamamoto is a wicked skateboarder - at 11 he's already got a sponsor. His aim is to be like John Rodney Mullen.


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It feels as if his skateboard is part of his body - stunning:

Isamu won the amateur class of the World Freestyld Round-Up 2014 held in Canada. In addition, he was crowned the champion at the All Japan Freestyle Skateboard Championships 2014.


Shosei Nishida came 2nd in the "King Of The KIDZ 2014" breakdance competition. He was only 11 then! His moves are really stunning to look at!


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I mean... how on earth do you do this??


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Although you might learn things like wisdom as you get older, but for some skills, there's plenty of opportunity for kids to be better than adults (and vice versa).

Or: who cares about their age - let's just appreciate that we get the chance to see these amazing talents.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.