Haka. A traditional and sacred Maori dance, which is normally intended to intimidate the opposition in a confrontational situation.

That's why the New Zealand National Rugby Team (All Blacks) has been performing Haka prior to the game since the late 19th Century.

For those who hasn't seen a Haka before, here's one by All Blacks:

Pretty fierce.

Meanwhile, Rugby World Cup 2015 is held in Britain at the moment, and they want to win. So Jacamo has come up with an England's version of a Haka:

This YouTube post was a pretty good hit, with over 1.2 million views. However, over 1,600 people have given it a 'thumbs down' - it seems that some people took it that this video was mocking the Haka.

Paul Henry, a New Zealand radio and television broadcaster posted the same video on his Facebook page for some discussions, and people there seem to think the video was brilliant.

...well, we thought the Brits were mocking themselves. What do you think?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.