Have you ever heard of the Suri Tribe? They reside in South Sudan and southwestern Ethiopia, and have been dubbed the most fashionable tribe in the world.

Japanese photographer Nagi Yoshida has been taking their photos since 2009, gaining their trust to capture some of their most breathtaking moments:

Utilizing natural material found all around them, the Suri Tribe adorn themselves with flowers, leaves, dirt, stems, branches and the like. The result is a powerful pop of color intricately married with the more milder tones of their facial and body paintings.


Yoshida does not only take pictures of the Suri Tribe, and if you visit her website you’ll also be able to see her other works, such as this picture of a Masai Warrior

And this picture of a member of the Murusi Tribe

If you’ve fallen in love with Yoshida’s outstanding photos and just so happen to be in Japan for a few days, it might be worth stopping by her photo exhibition in Ebisu, Tokyo where she will be holding the “Suri COLLECTION.” Held until the 27th of September, it will be a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into her art.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.