While we cannot wait for the December release of "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens", this Japanese artist's rendition of R2-D2 and other robots that appear in Star Wars has been winning the hearts of many Star Wars fans.

And it's all made of cardboard boxes!

Under the Twitter user name Monami Ohno (@mbrid02), she posts photos of intricate replica models of various movies and anime that are made of cardboard boxes. This R2-D2 for instance, is so detailed, I'm lost for words:

She puts various line with a craft knife to create shadows; she also makes the replica with different parts to make it more realistic. The model scale for this R2-D2 is 1/4, so it is pretty big:

I wonder how long it takes her to make all these...

And here's AT-ST. The amount of detail here is also impressive:


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

And Gundam too... Can I have this?

Apparently she's got all these 'parts' lying around in her room... Remember - this is not a miniature home - that's her bed! It's that big!

Impressive, don't you think? Ohono makes many other things out of cardboard boxes - check out her Twitter for more.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.