5 Artists on YouTube That Will Blow Your Mind

I’m terrible at drawing, and every time I see a work of an amazing artist I can’t help but stare in awe. But since I can’t look over someone’s shoulder for hours as they draw up a masterpiece (without being totally creepy, I mean), I’ve discovered the next best thing: YouTube.

As we all know, YouTube is a great platform for budding artists. Though we often tend to associate YouTube videos with music, vlogging, and clips from our favorite TV shows and movies, it’s also a great place to watch people draw. And there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of incredible talent available for us to see whenever want, wherever we want.

These are 5 such artists who have posted their breathtaking artwork on YouTube for us to fall madly in love with:

Kit King

Kit King is one of my favorite painters that share their work on YouTube. There aren’t a ton of videos, but the ones she does have will have you pressing the repeat button over and over again.

She currently lives in Ontario with her husband Oda, who is also a painter. With a focus on hyperrealism, she says on her website that through her work, she strives to “breathe a vital life force into transformed renditions of the world around her.”

Leilani Joy

Leilani Joy’s YouTube channel is a video art blog where she posts not only speed paint demos, but also “paint along” posts where you can actually sit in front of the screen with your art supplies and create a masterpiece with her.

She also has an entire gallery of Disney Art, and these original Disney-themed works are created exclusively for the WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Tanya Shatseva

Tanya Shatseva is an artist from Russia who believes that “everything is connected and reflects each other, creating something like a kaleidoscope.” This way of thought is very reflective of her paintings, many of which depict images constructed of unique combinations of imagery — jellyfish in the night sky, a skeleton in a spacesuit, rainbow snails crawling over a woman’s face.

Lena Danya

Another one of my personal favorites, Lena Danya paints exquisite watercolor pieces that “explore the feminine presence with natural and illustrative elements.” She also paints celebrities and famous YouTubers. She is a self-taught painter, and is kind enough to share videos of tips and advice to others who are also teaching themselves how to paint.


I’ve heard somewhere that portraits are particularly difficult to draw, mainly because they not only need to look like the model, but have to capture that certain je ne sais quoi that he or she radiates. Xiaonan of ThePortraitArt is able to do this with elegance through his portraits, of which many are celebrities.

He writes on his website that his videos have been featured on numerous TV programs, and can even be seen in the theater-released film documentary “Salinger.”

They are all exquisite, but have you found a favorite? You can see more videos of these 5 artists and more, all inside the wonderful world of YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.