Japan can come up with some WTF ideas from time to time... Like this famous headgear with a roll of toilet paper:


Well, Japan continues to come up with some interesting ways to solve problems - here are some we found on Twitter recently.

Large clothes pegs finds a home in a smartphone

Save your camera lens...sweetly

For a romantic night, use a pet bottle and a smartphone light

If you want a softer light, poor some milk in the pet bottle.

And a 'hifi' to top it all off, using a rice cooker

Works in a way similar to those horns that come out of an old acoustic gramophone players

How about a mysterious dinner?

Sick of cables going bust? Here's an easy fix

Just us a spring that's inside retractable ballpoint pens!

Your kids playing too much video games? Lock them out of it - literally!

Although kids might try plugging it in anyway and cause a short circuit - so don't try this at home...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.