That's what a lot of people do on SNS - post photos of their dinner.

So did this Twitter user (@spaspaspapoo) - but to his surprise, he's got a laundry list of complaints about his food.


Source: @spaspaspapoo

Eggplant is really yummy.


Source: @spaspaspapoo

  • Can you actually make the egg look that good??
  • There's simply not enough rice in the bowl.
  • Miso soup looks so colorless - it must be tasteless.
  • That plate look so nerdy and ugly.
  • No utensils - you gonna eat all this with your hands?

I wonder why his dinner had to be trolled like this... But anyway, the guy decided to do something about it.


Source: @spaspaspapoo

So he answered to all his critics:

  • Eggs are now ugly
  • There's plenty of rice in the bowl
  • Miso is thick as
  • Got rid of the plate
  • Chopsticks are in

With over 26,000 retweets, his comeback was a good one.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.