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How To Make Dumplings In 3 Seconds! Beat This!

Three-second cooking! Don't you mean '3-minute'?


Docomo's genuine "3-Second Cooking" series. The previous episode, "3-Second Fried Shrimp," was a giant hit. Many viewers clamored for a sequel, so we created a preview for 3-second gyoza dumplings.

But, Docomo-san, you went over 3 seconds when you really tried to make them. You made them with great speed and amazing rhythm (laughter).

Gyoza dumplings in 3 seconds

Today, we will make gyoza.

It looks delicious, doesn't it? This can be cooked in 3 seconds!


The ingredients are ordinary.


The cooking process is starting to look a bit odd...


All we need to do now is press the red button!

Waa!!! No way!!!


The wrapper wraps around the mixed ingredients...


Fire---!!! This fire cooks it completely it within 3 seconds!


Uh... Lunch is ready... Is it actually delicious?

*This cooking method is dangerous. Absolutely do not attempt.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.