Treat yourself on days you've worked hard… You take a moment to relax with a fragrant cup of coffee. You look down, and there's a message on your cup! We gathered a bunch of moments like this that make you smile.

Because you work hard...

Today there was 2 company meetings at work, but then I got one of those Starbucks messages! Now, no matter how the meeting goes, I know that today was a good day. Thanks(๑⃙⃘•ㅅ•๑⃙⃘)♡

After-tournament Starbucks😋 I'm glad I gathered the courage to ask for a message💖 I'm so impressed✨✨✨

Good work!

It's lunch!!!! Let's have Starbucks today(๑´ڡ`๑) I'm so happy I got a message

These would make people happy!♪

Before I knew it there was a message. I'm so happy. Thanks, Starbucks staff! \(^o^)/

You are always so stylish - it's nice to see you around!

First time at Starbucks in a while ❤︎

An old staff member was back again and I got a really nice message (#^.^#)

A little twist. You finish drinking, and on the bottom of the cup...

I know that regulars often get a message on the side of their cup, but I'd never seen one on the bottom before, so that was impressive !! I was even more impressed by the thought they put in to it :)

When you get to know the staff at Starbucks, you start getting messages like this

I went in to the Starbucks, and the guy working there was really cute ♪. It was so crowded and there was only one seat open. But there was an old couple lined up behind us who looked like they wanted to sit, so we let them have the seat. Then we all got this message on our cups!!

The Starbucks staff who took care of me left me a really cute message ( ु ›ω‹ ) ु♡

Today I'm getting work done at Starbucks. I found this cute message on my yogurt frappuccino. ♡I love that Starbucks tries to give you a little HAPPINESS like this.

It seems more and more people are feeling good after getting a message from Starbucks staff. Just a little message like this can really make your day. This simple kindness really sticks with you.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.