Sometimes it takes a little more than just self-motivation to encourage us to establish a healthier lifestyle.

Pact App has found an incentive that will definitely turn heads: money.

That’s right. Money. This app will pay you real human money for all the preset pacts (goals) you accomplish during the week. The pacts you can choose from are:

Gym Pact: Exercise for at least 30 minutes or walk over 10,000 steps in one day.

Food Log Pact: Log at least three meals that add up to over 1200 calories in one day.

Veggie Pact: Make a goal of how many fruits/vegetables you want to eat in a week, and post pictures for the rest of the Pact community to verify.

Here’s an example of a weekly pact schedule:

Gym pact x 4 (Exercise 4 days a week)

Food Log x 3 (Food log 3 days a week)

Veggie Pact x 7 (Eat 7 veggies/fruits in a week)


Source: Pact

The Pact App website writes that rewards for fulfilling these goals range generally from about $.30 to $5 per week, depending on the number of activities committed. However, for most of us who aren’t gym buffs and want to start off at a moderate pace, the average reward amount would probably be around $1.50-$2.50 per week.

If you’re thinking that a few cents or dollars aren’t going to be enough to motivate you, maybe the penalty fees will be: an over $5 penalty fee for every individual pact you don’t fulfill. So if you’ve set three exercise goals per week with the minimum $5 penalty fee and miss two days of exercise, you’ll already be $10 in the red.

What’s great about the Pact App is that it caters to all levels of motivation. For example, you can start off just by exercising once a week, but if you start getting super motivated you can be rewarded for exercising, logging in your calorie intake, and eating a healthy share of fruits and veggies for all seven days of the week. Best of all, it’s completely free!

And although the app currently only runs in English, it can be used worldwide, and rewards can be withdrawn by anyone with a PayPal account.

But if you’re thinking of doing it purely for the money, then it likely isn’t the best app for you. Although the monetary reward system is pretty awesome, it might take a few months just for the money to add up to $10.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.