Cassidy the feral bipawd kitten had no trouble living life to the fullest without his back legs, but now he’s sporting some cool new wheels thanks to two caring teens, Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker.

Adorable? We know. (And the music makes it even better.)

This wheelchair project first started out when the TinyKittens Society began documenting Cassidy’s progress on social media after his rescue. This — along with their public request for somebody to help them design a mobility device for Cassidy, as well as the hashtag #MiracleKitten — contributed greatly in getting the story to reach the Walnut Grove Secondary School in Langley, British Columbia, and ultimately two of their 12th graders.

Messmer and Walker created Cassidy’s custom wheelchair with a modeling software and Walnut Grove’s very own 3D printer, and it only took them about 6 hours to complete, from design to prototype.



Losing his back legs shortly after birth, when Cassidy was first rescued he had nearly starved to death and had a horrific E. Coli infection in both stumps. But his will to survive was strong, and this willpower has made him into the playful kitten with gorgeous green eyes we know now.

And now that he can move around with even more freedom, we can’t wait for what bright future lies ahead for Cassidy.

If you just can’t get enough of his cuteness, you can see him (and the other beautiful cats at TinyKittens Society) on livestream whenever you please. Last time I checked he was fast asleep and super adorable.


Source: livestream

By - grape Japan editorial staff.