When a poor little piglet found himself trapped down a well in India and moments away from drowning, it took some quick thinking and a courageous plan of action to save his life.

So Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers had to double their efforts when they arrived on the scene to find the pig, who had been struggling to keep himself afloat for an hour, began to lose the strength to keep on going. In a Facebook post, the group explained how dire the situation looked:

The minute we got the call that a piglet had fallen into a well we rushed and arrived within 15 minutes. But right as we were getting our rescuer into his halter, the little boy was starting to drown. He had been swimming in the cold water for we guess at least an hour and was giving up right before our eyes.

Fastening a harness to himself, one man plunged into the well just as the piglet was beginning to fade away. His teammates stayed ready to support him and pull him out. Once the troubled little fellow was secured, it just took some good old fashioned teamwork to get the two out of the well--saving him just in the knick of time!


Source: YouTube

Out of danger, the first step was getting the pig dried and comfortable--providing us with some adorable footage of an actual pig in a blanket!


Source: YouTube

And of course no pig can do without some sloppy goo after a hectic day.


Source: YouTube

We're glad and totally impressed to see how prompt and bold the response to a pig in danger was. Watch the actual footage of the harrowing rescue below--cute cuddles with a blanket and sloppy good included!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.