It's almost autumn barbecue season! The main events at a barbecue are meat and seafood, but if by any chance you want some variation... Isn't a boiled egg on top of a meat dish or salad just the best?

But it's such a hassle to boil an egg for each person. What about if you had this kind of egg...?


You could make an egg burger easily, or on salad, achieve perfect presentation with its uniform shape. It seems like it would be really convenient at a house party, too!

10244_02 10244_03

(*Processed eggs were not necessarily used in the images above.)

We often see processed egg products online, but in Japan, only Kenko Mayonaise deals in a product called the "Boiled Egg".


It's strange, but none of the articles and websites that have posted about this product have mentioned where it can be bought, or the price. It's a shame, but it seems that at the moment, it's only being sold wholesale for commercial use.

While I'm not sure I'd like to eat it all the time, I think there would be plenty of occasions when it would come in handy. Please, make this available in supermarkets soon!

Manufacturing process

Manufactured since 1970, it's called the "Rolled Egg", or "Long Egg".

The egg white is heated in a double-part metal tube until somewhat hardened, then the already removed yolk injected through a tube to the center. It is then heated once more, and after vacuum packing and heat sterilization, refrigerated.

It is mainly used in round slices for convenience store salads, etc. - pretty nifty, huh.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.