In what could have been a hall of fame moment of Darwinian bad karma, a man freaked out by a spider attempted to kill his eight-legged nightmare by setting it on fire--at a gas station.

While filling up on gas at a station in Center Line, Michigan, U.S.A, a man spotted a spider crawling across his gas tank. Deathly afraid of the little creepy-crawlies, the guy whips out his cigarette lighter so quickly it makes you wonder if this seemed like the most obvious course of action, to try and literally kill the spider with fire. The surrounding area goes up in flames almost instantaneously, sending our hapless hero fleeing for cover.

Luckily a gas station attendant was watching the bizarre sequence of events take place, and was able to press a button that halted gas service and call the local fire department. Meanwhile, Mr. Over-kill calmly grabs a fire extinguisher and has the common courtesy to clean up his own mess.

As no one got hurt, it's quite funny, but rather stunning to watch the decision-making process go down in real time. Check out the brain-dead craziness in the footage below as this guy learns the answer to the question posed in the video--"do you know gas go boom?"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.