Cats and snails don't have a very richly documented history, but if this minute-long video is any indication, species-relations are off to a good start!

Popular Japanese YouTube channel kagonekoblog now has a video of Shiro (the white cat, who you may remember from Shiro's encounter with a frog) and Kuro (the darker patterned cat) having a curious and friendly encounter with a not-so-shy snail. While the channel has a popular series of items being placed on top of Shiro in a cute jenga fashion (hence the presence of the snail), this video shows off the two cats with a new and smaller friend.

While Shiro seems content to simply chill out with the snail with a smug look on his face, there is a bit of suspense after Kuro takes notice of the snail. At first Kuro gets awfully close to it and seems as if he might bite into the friendly shelled guy's head at any moment, but instead the two seem to bond over some kisses that bring the snail out of his shell! The funniest part comes when Kuro gets a bit too frisky and seems to go for an affectionate bite--only for Shiro to protectively yank the snail away as if to say "No! Bad cat! No!"

Enjoy the video and check out the rest of the channel!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.