Parenting lasts a lifetime, with the child's needs always coming first, and certainly doesn't stop at the altar. Todd Bachman showed just that as he brought his daughter's wedding to a halt for a very special reason.

After escorting his daughter, Brittany Peck, to the beginning of the traditional father and daughter procession to the altar, Bachman put a hold on things, confusing everyone at the ceremony. Their moment of clarity came from something beautiful and touching, as Bachman walked toward Peck's stepdad Todd Cendrosky and offered him his hand, inviting him to join their walk together and shocking all in attendance.

Bachman told the Chronicle-Telegram that he had always intended to share the moment, as his daughter's stepdad was just as vital to her upbringing as he was. “He has been as much a part of her life as me", Bachman said, explaining to his daughter that "It was only right that we both give you away."

Wedding Photographer Delia D. Blackburn added in a Facebook post that there was "not a dry eye at the ceremony...." with on-point appreciation of the precious moment by saying "Families are what we make them...make it about your kids and not your ego. Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really for your children," urging people to share the wonderful story.

The father and stepdad had had a strenuous relationship, but Cendrosky embraced the moment, elaborating that “I don’t have ‘stepdaughters’ … I have daughters, and when Todd grabbed my hand … that was the best day of my life, and I wouldn’t change that day for the world. We have become family, and the children’s needs need to come first.”

The photographs have become a bit of a sensation and gotten a lot of attention, perhaps by people reminded that love for one's children triumphs over any kind of strife. It was a special and unselfish moment for everyone involved, and no doubt a day that Peck will remember forever as the time in her life family stood strongest. Both Bachman and Cendrosky had a hand in making Peck the woman she is today, and now she can carry this precious memory of that with her going forward. Cheers to the three of them!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.