Rather than than show a sleek and shiny car traveling down a mountain road or Matthew Mcconaughey contemplating the riddles of time while driving 5 miles per hour, Honda's latest commercial tackles the challenge of celebrating the company's history in just two minutes--through the medium of paper art.

The commercial is titled "Paper", and was created by a team of stop-motion illustrators at PES. Tasked with the challenge of chronicling the evolution of the company's history and development of products, the team invested an astonishing amount of effort into putting together the impressive animation project. In fact, the "paper engineering" behind the commercial took four months, dozens of illustrators and animators, and thousands of original drawings before it was finally completed. The entirety of the product was done by hand, untouched by digital production and all shot on camera. This makes the level of difficulty extremely high, and seamless transition of scene to scene all the more amazing.

In a behind-the-scenes video, the PES team explains the idea of synchronizing their project with the same way Honda develops their products--by starting with a single piece of paper. From that simple starting point, the same engine or idea that Honda plans around can travel from product to product, all the while expanding. The team also goes into detail about the challenges they faced by restricting themselves to a "by hand" approach, and making sure that it could be picked up only using a camera.

So it seems this awesome commercial was born from a total team effort and a vision between company and artists that was on the same page. We applaud their efforts and hope for more cool work in the future!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.