What we’re told as young kids stick with us our entire lives, but there are countless subtle messages children are being loaded with every day.

Take the children’s section in bookstores, for example. Now, I love books and I love bookstores. But up until now, my love for them has delayed my realization to the fact that so many of the “books for girls” are adorned with pretty pink covers and tell magical stories of dainty princesses.

Who the protagonist is and what color the covers are aren’t actually the problem. The potential issue is that because these such books are abundantly displayed in the girls’ section, they send a message to all children that these princesses are what girls should aspire to be like.

That’s why Charles C Dowd, with the help of his two children CJ and Allison, decided to create a book titled “The A to Z Guide to Jobs For Girls,” to break down gender stereotypes and send the message that girls can grow up to be whatever they choose to be. They can totally want to become a princess if they so choose, but it’s equally great to dream of becoming a star quarterback or an astronaut.

A colorfully illustrated ABC Board Book for children, here’s a little bit of what you’ll find inside this truly magical book:


Source: Kickstarter


Source: Kickstarter


Source: Kickstarter

Dowd says that “The A to Z Guide to Jobs For Girls” is “meant to help empower young girls and show them from the very start that they can follow any career path they choose, including careers that are not traditionally seen as appropriate for women. From Astronaut to Zoologist, you can be anything you want to be!”

It’s a simple thought, but one whose true significance society still seems yet to grasp.


Source: Kickstarter

Dowd is currently running a Kickstarter, so if you love what he’s doing go ahead and give him a little support. If you contribute over $20, you’ll even get the actual, autographed book sent to your house!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.