Babies born prematurely can find themselves face to face with health-related challenges, and so their perseverance and triumph over those struggles should be celebrated. That's exactly what this series of photos from a photographer in Quebec does.

Red Methot has produced a before and after photograph series that features children holding portraits of their prematurely born selves. The photos were no doubt taken at a time where their futures were clouded with concern and uncertainty, but the comparison showcases the joy of their completion of a tough journey, and celebrates their growth into becoming the people they are today. Let's take a look at some samples from the series, which reminds us of just how precious life is and how wonderful it can be when loved ones can emerge from difficult trials.

Lexiani (25 weeks)

Felix (24 weeks)

Felix (23 weeks) and Alexis (33 weeks)

Margot (29 weeks)

Emile (26 weeks)

Noah and Nathan (32 weeks)

Theo (25 weeks

Thomas (23 weeks)

Noah (32 weeks) and Victoria (Deceased. She died after living one month.)

Alice (27 weeks)

Julie (7 months) and her son Kevin (34 weeks)

Zachary (27 weeks)

Eva (29 weeks)

Charles (26 weeks)

Andreanne (32 weeks, 26 weeks pregeant at the time of photography)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.