This is a video that became the talk of the town around the year 2010, but we would like to present it to you because, even now, the video is still great to watch!


Source: YouTube

At a battodo ("the way of drawing out the sword") dojo (school) in Fukushima Prefecture, a swordswoman from Shuzenjuku school was going to attempt to perform "Kazaguruma (pinwheel)," a cutting technique!

It is a hard technique where one cuts a makiwara (straw post), which one has cut once, for the second time before it falls, yet she succeeded splendidly!


Source: YouTube

Then, after zanshin (keeping one's posture after a performance), she made a small jump and pumped her fist! Not only people in Japan but also those around the world were captivated by the gap between those acts and her serious expression.


Source: YouTube

Check out her gallant posture in the video!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.