Good things come in small packages.

Or should we say, feisty things come in small packages?

Jewels, a 20 pound french bulldog living in Monrovia, California was the hero of the family when she valiantly took on two 100 pound bears that strolled into her backyard.

She unhesitatingly ran up to them and chased them away, even making one of the bears scamper up a fence in a lumbering hurry.

“They’re in her yard. And there’s children here. And she doesn’t want that. She’s just 20 pounds of fury and 20 pounds of heart,” dog owner David Fernandez was reported saying.

This fearless pup was captured on security cameras that Fernandez had recently installed after noticing the damage bears were doing to his property. Officials explained that bears are found in neighborhoods looking for food and water because of the California drought.

For her brave deed, Jewels received a bath and lots of treats. We hope she got a good ol’ belly rub, too.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.