A Japanese student-build attraction at a school's culture festival is creating quite a buzz on Twitter. And to be honest, it might look more fun than the real deal.

For readers not familiar with the concept of a culture festival, Japanese schools typically feature an annual "culture festival"(文化祭,bunkasai), where students can show off their creative talent as well as promote the school to prospective students and their parents. This usually consists of food stands and performances put together by different classes, clubs, and sports teams. A fairly common formula for success is turning classrooms into cafes, haunted houses, and art galleries. However, using a little innovation and elbow grease, one class turned their classroom into their own crazy teacup ride!

As you can see, it's a manually powered attraction, based on the ever-famous Japanese teamwork. The above tweet is informing followers of what classroom to find the teacup ride(although it's called a "coffee cup" ride). Japanese high school can be a pretty rigid slog for some students, with long club/sports team hours and pressure to study for challenging university entrance exams. So it's no wonder that some students like to let their hair down and really enjoy themselves at these any-thing-goes style festivals, while showing off their more creative side.

The class (R3) was so proud of their hit attraction, and took a photo celebrating the 29,000 re-tweets their little project received. (Translation below.)

R3's tea cup ride (coffee cup) won the most valuable attraction award!

I'm so happy I could cry, once again I'm so happy to be in R3!

Thank you everyone!

Now all that's left is to graduate with no regrets!

Congrats to RF3 and good luck with your graduation! Now for your viewing pleasure, here are some more spinning kids.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.