This photo was posted by a Japanese Twitter user (@arukaido), which is getting retweeted thousands of times. Here's why:


Source: @arukaido

It turns out that it was a miniature model of a room. It was so realistic I didn't think for a moment that it was not real!

According to the tweets, the miniature model was created by a high school student. A real fine work by a teenager! Look at all this realistic 'pile of rubbish':

This teenager's made other miniature models too - all of them are both realistic and great to look at:

One tweet also showed how snack packaging are made - the guy dismantles the actual package, scan it, resize it in Photoshop, and assemble the printed miniatures:

The Twitter user who uploaded these images because the guy who made these models deserves some credit. For the time being though, the teenage miniature artist remains anonymous - I wonder if the guy will reveal himself at some point...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.