Cats and dogs are different. Most dogs when they need to go to the bathroom, they search for street lights, benches, tress to get it down quick. As for cats, they just need a single sand box.

Two clever Japanese designers Shota Enomoto and Daichi Goto created a small square-liked "Onsen" wooden-box to make cats happy. The spa-style のれん(noren) curtain gives them extra privacy to prevent humans staring at them while they are trying to do their business.

This cool and sweet design is very similar to a Japanese Onsen's entrance, which made this toilet box appearance adds tons of cuteness to this litter box. The hiragana character ゆ(yu), means hot spring( or water), and it often written on curtains in front of public bath.

Open-air window fresh air navigates through the entire interior.

Even the assembly is simple and hassle-free.

After it's all set up, now is your turn to make your own creation design.

Wait.. was that duck part of the agreement!?

Ahhhhh... this is heaven or what...

So relaxed... can't move anymore, going to take a nap.

Base on the Onsen Toilet gone rapidly popular in Japan, the designers are looking for retailers and funders, and hoping in the end of 2015 the production will be started. To know more about the product, visit their official site channel One Step, and their funding site Makuake.

But wait, do we need to spoil our cats more than we do now? I guess the answer is YES.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.