Currently, quasi-legal drugs are a serious problem in Japan. Makers of these drugs find 'loopholes' in Japanese regulations to provide substances that are more dangerous than legal drugs such as Cannabis. Although regulations are progressively becoming stricter, over 100 people had died due to the use of these drugs.

Awareness is one of the keys to eliminating the spread of quasi-legal drugs. Not being educated about the potential danger of using these drugs could lead to a large group of people to become addicted to them. And once you get hooked, it is often the case that you can't get back.

So the team at Kanagawa prefecture decided to create a series of short anime to let people know the danger associated with such drugs. With over 460,000 views so far, many people are horrified by the hair-raising anime:

Quasi-legal drugs pretend to be herbs or bath salts; comes in attractive packages

Quasi-legal drugs are not only health hazards, but also makes you go out of control

You try it once, and you might never be able to stop again

Don't listen to those who lures you into trying... not even once

Many people who watched it said that it was horrific, and some claimed it gave them nightmares. But the road to drug addiction begins from first intake - depicting drug-affected people as un-human, monstrous or evil could be an effective 'shock treatment' to keep people away from dangerous drugs in the first place.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.