UNIQLO is currently trying out a new technology in their Australian stores that may change the way we shop in the future.

This new technology consists of watching a series of video clips while wearing a headset that measures brain activity. These clips each represent up to 10 moods, and through them it will collect data about your “interests, likes, concentration, stress and drowsiness” to measure your response to the videos. After measuring how you feel, UMood then attempts to match a design according to your mood.

Benjamin Law, an Australian comedian and writer, cleverly called UMood “Tinder for t-shirts.”


Source: Gizmodo

Tracey Lang, UNIQLO’s marketing director, says that the UMood launch is a part of their “ongoing commitment to enhance product experience for consumers.”

At this point in time, UNIQLO is not certain whether or not they will continue with UMood, and will have to see how much fun consumers have with it.

Currently UMood is only available in Australia, and will be traveling to different metropolitan cities within the country.

And for the rest of us who can’t go all the way to Australia to experience UMood for ourselves, they also have a simplified version of their technology online. I can’t say how this online version compares to the real thing, but when I tried it I was told I was feeling “stressed, angry, or envious,” even though I wasn’t particularly stressed, angry, or envious (either that or I’m in hopeless denial).

But putting accuracy aside, UMood is definitely a fun way to have a selection from the plethora of UNIQLO t-shirts curated for you on days you’re feeling indecisive. And if it ever becomes available at a local store, I know I’ll be lining up to try it for myself.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.