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Saved By Goldfish, Now He’s A “Goldfish Artist”

Meet Riusuke Fukahori - he was saved by goldfish.

About 15 years ago, a young Fukahori was aspiring to be a designer, but he was losing confidence - he didn't feel he had what it takes.


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While he was contemplating giving up on his dreams, he saw a small water tank beside his bed where he was lying down. Inside it was a goldfish that he picked up at a local festival. Fukahori recalls:

I opened the water tank and looked her from above. Suddenly, chill went down my spine. Her red-lit back glowing inside dirty water was both mysterious and beautiful. I thought to myself "this girl is going to save me."

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From there, Fukahori started a life as a "goldfish artist". He's devised a 3D art method, where he pours acrylic resin over the goldfish that he had painted. See the marvelous work that he creates:

It looks as if a swarm of goldfish swimming inside, but it's painting. I still think the goldfish's going to move at any moment.

And this is how he breathes life into his works:

Fukahori is now well known as an artist specializing in goldfish. His magic-like depiction of this beautiful fish is given a lot of praise.

Check out his official page for more of his works:

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