As many of us are aware, there are many strange yet workable products from Japan. Japan is so creative in a way many others just cannot understand... You might ask them - "why on earth - how on earth did you come up with this?"

It is difficult to figure out why, but Japan from time to time shows examples of creativity and imagination running wild - perhaps too wild. This time, someone designed a switch-function umbrella that can also be used as a chair. Wherever you go, as long there is a floor or a wall, you have a chair!

But does this strange idea work in practice? After all, the main purpose of an umbrella is to protect ourselves from rain. But what if we sat down on this umbrella while it's raining?

Here are some reactions.

This looks quite heavy... as for an umbrella.

What if it breaks? Won't the main pillar poke my butt?

I don't want this. Why don't someone spend some time inventing an umbrella that folds inside a small pocket?

I can't think of a situation where I actually need this lol

Yeah I agree with these comments - good try though lol

By - grape Japan editorial staff.