Jerma985 is a YouTuber that uploads videos of the games he plays and shares them with his viewers.

Did I mention his videos are hilarious?

One of his funniest series of videos is his “Grand Theft Auto” collection where he uploads “GTA nonsense.” What’s nonsensical about them are largely the glitches and random occurrences he encounters while playing them, usually leading to absurd happenings and awkward twists.

Even if you’re not super into video games, the ridiculousness of what happens in the games is sure to send you into fits of laughter too. Add to that Jerma985’s contagious laughter and humorous commentary and you’ve got yourself the ultimate source of gaming entertainment.

And if those aren’t funny enough, he’s even found a copycat version of GTA on the app store, titled “Grab That Auto 5” (which of course he plays):

Happy gaming!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.