“I’m here to make people happy.”

These are the words of Bob Carey, the inspiring photographer who takes pictures of himself dancing around in a pink tutu. He began taking his tutu pictures over ten years ago after his beloved wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Source: Bob Carey


Source: Bob Carey

It began as a form of ‘self-therapy’ and his own unique way of showing support for his wife during her battle.

“When Linda would go for treatment, she would take the images on her phone, and the women would look at them, and it would make them laugh and make the time pass,” Bob says.

In regards to his effort, Linda says “it helps me be positive. The more I laugh, the better I feel.”


Source: Bob Carey


Source: Bob Carey

Called The Tutu Project, it has not only brought smiles and laughter to the ones closest to him, but has brought together a worldwide community of people supporting cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones.

And now with the launch of the #Dare2Tutu campaign, other people wearing tutus can share their pictures to the rest of the world with the hashtag #Dare2Tutu. People are also encouraged to donate to The Carey Foundation, a nonprofit that provides funding for daily cancer-related expenses such as those of counseling, transportation to treatment, and daycare during therapy.


Source: Bob Carey


Source: Bob Carey

“Oddly enough, her cancer has taught us that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing — no, the only thing — we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves and share a laugh with others," Bob says of their ongoing battle with cancer.

But it’s so much more than just sharing laughs.

“It’s just a good story — about love, about inspiration,” Linda says.

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